Specifications CAD Inkjet plotter with 2 heads width:1850mm speed:90 m2/h Common paper (non-woven paper) Available for PLT,DWG,DXF form CD Series High Speed Inkjet Plotter is a very useful printer,it has a stable performance and reliable quality,featuring high speed,high resolution,wide-sized,lower cost,,simple maintenance and easy to use.It has a large-sized touch screen,you can achieve the process only by a soft tap,easy and vogue.New wide-size media delivery roll,deliver the media correctly so you can uses common paper even the non-woven paper to reduce the cost of users using. It is available for PLT,DXF,DWG documents created by CAD software and the PLT documents can be cut or combined to satisfy the special conditions.It is also available for LAN printing and non-watching automatic printing,which is designed for comforting users. It has a warranty period of 1 years.Moreover,we can provide adequate spare parts,quick service(online service) and reasonable price. Specifications: Model: 185-II Cartridge Type: HP45 Print Speed: 90 m 2/h Quantity of Printhead: 2 Maximum Print Size: 1850 Maximum Paper Roll Diameter: 450mm Materials: Scroll or single paper range from 30g to 250g,non-woven paper. Interface Type: Network cable Data Format: HP-GL,HP-GL2,PLT,DXF,DWG Device Memory: 64MB Operation Panel: 5.7" LCD Touch Screen Power Supply: 220V/110V,50/60Hz Power: Working 50-75W, Standby 5W Working Temperature: 0-50 Storage: -30 to 50,non-condensing Dimensions: 2700mm*1100mm*750mm