1) Steady configuration, aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure 2) Human factors engineering operation panel, human-friendly paper-cutting devices 3) Subdivision technology plus digital smoothing processing technology, professional hardware circuit design 4) Imported stepping motor with strong HF response ability and high speed 5) Supports DMPL or HPGL language, fully supports for various dresses CAD software 6) Pen machine with imported linear bearings, super anti-abrasion ability and high precision assurance 7) Two-way paper feeding control system, and big torque feeding motor can feed 500m common paper over 40g 8) Large English LCD display, simple operation menu 9) Imported steel stick paper-feeding spindle, high precision paper-pressing wheel, allowing long-distance paper feeding without aberrancy Main Parameters: Type HC-1360 HC-1700 HC-1900 HC-2100 Max. Paper Loading Width 1360mm(53.5 in.) 1700mm(66.9 in.) 1900mm(74.8 in.) 2100mm(82.8 in.) Max. Plotting Width 1200mm(47.2 in.) 1600mm(64.5 in.) 1800mm(70.8 in.) 2040mm(80.3 in.) Acceptable Pens Disposable Ink and Ball Point Pens Max, Roll-Media 40 kg Acceptable Media (g/m²) 40g~80g LCD English LCD Pen Pressure 0-500g Plotting Speed 800mm/s(31.5 in./s) Machine Resolution 0.0254mm(0.001in.) CPU Double CPU Data Buffer 1-4MB Hardware Interface RS-232(Serial cable), USB (selective) Power Supply AC200V/110V(15%) Working Humidity 35%-75%(No Condensing water) Working Temperature 10-35°C Stand and Take-up System Yes Shipping Weight 65kg 80kg 86kg 95kg